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21 Oct 2014

The window is a face of the house; the curtain must be chose appropriately, because it is only face to the external others, but also to give you one family appreciation. At the moment, the curtain market usually be riotous with color, gauze, non-woven fabric, cotton and so on, every kind brings people the rich choices at the same time, but also brings people some trouble. Because of so many curtains make people hard to pick out what they want, finally, simply do not know which is the best. But there is a new way to solve the problem; Shabby Chic Curtains

become the choice of many people.

According to their own like color, material, style and so on, they can choose customize a unique style of curtains, and it is really "global limited". Let the experts to sum up the tips for you, what should be paid attention to the good custom curtains.

Shabby Chic Curtains

First, measure the exact size of the window including the length, width and height.

Because it is the custom curtains, length should be certainly different, such as 2, 6 to 2 meters, 8 meters of the curtain is generally suitable for tall windows such as the balcony window. Accurate data is to make sure the curtains would be well fitted to the windows, it would not too big or too small which will make the visual feeling uncomfortable. Accurate size would also save the costs, so as to avoid wasting.

Second, know about the material and the value of the curtains

Different material of the curtains should be used in different places just based on the using aims, such as some need insulation, and some place where the sun can not shine on the window, you can try to use a little lighter cloth, which can create the private space is enough.

Experince Pink Lace Floral and Polyester home window curtains

Third, pay attention to the price

Custom curtains in addition to their own love; also want to consider the price range. There is no need to select thousands of pieces of the curtain for an infrequently used storage room. And if it is often used living room and bedroom require slightly better in the curtains.

In addition, friends should think of your like styles as far as possible before the curtains made, in uncertain circumstances, you can say out the use and preferences and invite the professional designers to help to design.


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